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The Team

Andrew Honigsfeld & Michael Millea

About Us

Andrew Honigsfeld is the CEO and Cofounder off Millea and Honigsfeld LLC. who works with clients to help them execute on their goals and find more freedom in their life.
Andrew believes that everyone should live a life that they love. Nothing is more upsetting to me than to watch people not get what they want because of simple actions that are keeping them from their life’s dreams. The emphasis in business stems from the amount of time that people spend working every day and the desire for people to be happy during that time.
Andrew has supported many different types of businesses and really helped them take on the important decisions. His clients have seen their businesses come from mere ideas into reality. His clients have also found that in working with him, their lives as also started to improve as he really focuses on having your whole life work and not just one aspect of it.
Andrew has been making a difference in small businesses for years as his dad, stepmom, mom and stepdad all have their own small business. There was never a time in his life when he was not participating in the businesses in some capacity or another. The companies he has impacted include, animated network channels and the affiliate product lines, costume makers, photographers, writers, aviation companies, realtors, and green building companies.
Andrew holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from California State University Chico.
Michael Millea is the CFO and Cofounder of Millea and Honigsfeld LLC. He started this company to have people accomplish their goals and go beyond who they think they can be.
Michael thinks people who are happy and excited about what they do are more effective and productive. How employees are treated by a company is reflected by how they interact with customers. The easiest way to create a positive work environment is to have clear expectations and open communications.
Even while growing up, Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit was fully expressed. He loved running his shift in a booth at a local fair. He even earned a motorized scooter for selling the most magazines in middle school. He attributes his love of entrepreneurship to his parents. His Dad has run his own real estate business for over twenty years, and his Mom has an MBA from UCLA, which instilled in him a strong and keen business sense
Michael has been instrumental in growing not just Millea and Honigsfeld LLC., but also many others in a variety of different business types including: Real Estate, Clothing Distribution, Clothing Design, and Green Energy Distribution
Michael studied in physics and economics at UCSB.